The Buzz: Trump Tweets and Inclusive Leadership, An Unlikely Pairing

President Trump made waves this week when he announced, via Twitter, that the military would no longer allow transgender people to serve. He (briefly) cited a few reasons including healthcare and unit cohesion. The decision, made while Secretary of Defense Mattis was on vacation, shocked, hurt and galvanized many who believe that identifying as transgender should not affect a person’s ability to serve their country. So, we ask, what does inclusive leadership look like for the people around Trump in the wake of this tweet storm?

Many transgender service men and women and veterans have come out to defend themselves and the military’s values and to encourage fellow and future transgender people who want to serve. Below is a video featuring Navy veteran Landon Wilson who shares his story of transitioning while in active duty:

What do you think about Trump’s tweets? What do you think inclusive leadership could and should look like? How do stories like Wilson’s challenge your perceptions? Feel free to share your comments below!

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