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The Buzz: 2018 D&I Trends – Part II

In last week’s edition of The Inclusion Solution, we highlighted several trends we anticipate for 2018. This week we explore, a few more diversity and inclusion trends practitioners should be aware of and prepared to address this year…and beyond: Connecting ...

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The Buzz: 2018 D&I Trends

Below are four trends that we are noticing in the D&I field as we move into 2018: Advocacy and Activism in Our Organizations & Beyond How can executives be effective D&I Leaders for their companies and the country? We are ...

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The Buzz: “I’m Not Racist”

Last week’s release of Joyner Lucas’ controversial song “I’m Not Racist” went viral on most media platforms including Facebook and CNN. I initially heard of its release, word of mouth from a close relative who appreciated the “creativity” of Lucas’ ...

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