The Buzz: Strategies for Coping and Supporting During Times of Tragedy

A candlelight vigil held at Zack Bagans Haunted Museum in Las Vegas on Oct. 3, Source: Mike Blake / Reuters file via NBC News

The shooting in Las Vegas urges all of us to pause and ask, “How can I take care of myself, and how can I lead others in the midst of such heartbreak?” Being Inclusive and Leading Inclusively also requires first that we pay attention to what we need, what we know, and how we can grow. Below, we’ve compiled some strategies we hope you find helpful as you cope and support your colleagues, families, and friends.



·  Feel

Validate and acknowledge your own feelings. Mourn, grieve, and experience your full range of emotion.

·  Connect

Connect with people and communities you trust for support. These communities may not be at work or include co-workers.

·  Move

Engage in physical activity as an outlet for emotions, feelings, and grief.

·  Disconnect

Avoid “triggers,” or disconnect from social media.

·  Understand

Everyone may not get it. Assume positive intent.

·   Choose Empathy

Hone your ability to understand and share the feelings of others.

·  Educate Yourself

Understand why you do or do not feel impacted by the situation and why others may have a different experience based on our biases and identities.

·  Educate Others

Identify ways in which you can affect change within your spheres of influence so that we do not repeat these tragedies.

·  Get Engaged

Connect with community-based organizations working with and advocating for victims as well as those helping to explain and advocate for inclusive policies.


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