The Buzz: The Flood Unites

The days leading up to Harvey’s arrival were somewhat chaotic throughout the city of Houston. A lot of people were in survival mode as they swarmed the grocery stores and gas stations like a holiday crowd rush. Then you had others, like myself, who were more nonchalant in preparing for the natural disaster and waited until the last minute to make provisions.  I attempted to keep composure while I traveled endlessly from store to store in search of the bare necessities. As you can probably imagine, resources were very scarce within the city—just like everyone’s patience. To be fair, the climate seemed to be performing an apocalyptic prep session for the end of the world.

Needless to say, once Harvey hit its aftermath left the city in amazement for countless reasons. In some form or fashion, many people endured personal great loss. Thousands lost property and valuables, and many suffered a deeper loss of peace, safety, and loved ones. Even more, many faced the dreaded reality of starting their lives over from ground zero.

On the other hand, there was beauty to be seen in the midst of the storm. Here was a city divided by a devastating disaster but united by a flood. We saw footage of a human chain being made in efforts to rescue an elderly man from his water submerged vehicle. Both the elderly man and the human chain volunteers were brought to safety. Over the past few weeks, people of all walks of life from all across the nation came together as one human chain in efforts to strengthen the needs of the people.

Now, nearly three weeks post Harvey, Houston is still standing united and strong. I am immensely grateful that I did not suffer any loss, but I gained a greater appreciation for my life and the lives of others. In times to come, I am hopeful that we as a people won’t wait for natural catastrophes to take place or perilous inhumane tragedies to occur for us to come together as a unified front.

We have to be the positive cause before we can become the fated effect. Where there is unity there is strength. #HoustonStrong

About Keley Smith

Keley Smith is Operating Manager at The Winters Group. Keley’s career interests include educational policy, financial literacy, philanthropy, and minority career development.

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